Bisanadi National Reserve

Kenya Safari, Bisanadi National Reserve, Meru Kenya, Kenyan Safari, safari wilderness, Kenya, Meru, Basanadi, Safari, Meru National Park. Very few people take a Kenya Safari, and those who do are lucky. They are even more fortunate if they choose to go to Meru National Park because it is a real lonely wilderness and is where Elsa was returned to the wild.

The Bisanadi National Reserve along with the North Kitui, Rahole National Reserve and Kora National Park form a protective screen to the east and south of Meru. This has the benefit of giving the wildlife more freedom of movement, and it also restricts people settling in this area, and human habitation and destruction of the environment would have a serious affect on the wildlife.

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What the real meaning of this is, that Bisanadi and its neighbours are real unspoilt undeveloped sanctuaries. There are hardly any roads, and it’s not easy to access them at all. In fact there is no accommodation at all for visitors in Bisanadi itself, but you can find accommodation in lodges and camps situated in the neighbouring parks in Shaba, Samburu as well as in Isiolo town In addition the Leopard Rock Safari Lodge and self service camp is only just across the border in the Meru National Park. What this means is that Basanadi is a true wilderness area, and naturally you will need a sturdy four wheel drive vehicle.

Bisanadi can be accessed through the Meru National Park , and there is an airstrip at Korbessa.

If you are able to organise a Kenya Safari to Meru and get into Basanadi your sightings of wildlife are likely to be tremendous, and you can expect to see all of the Big Five, and it is one of the best areas to see cheetah and leopard, and you will see a lot of Elephant and buffalo especially during the rainy season, because Bisanadi acts as a dispersal area for wildlife from Meru

The border between Meru National Park and Bisanadi National reserve is the traditional division between the Meru and Boran tribes. Bisanadi has been open since 1979 and it occupies an area of just over six hundred square kilometres in the eastern Province in the district of Isiolo, and it varies in height above sea level from 1050 feet to 2165 feet. The type of terrain you will find is thorn bush and savannah but at the banks of the Tana River becomes swamps and palm tree forest.

The climate tends to be hot and dry with the rains coming in March through May and November to December. The average daytime temperature ranges between 24 to 31 degrees centigrade during the day, and 15 to 18 degrees centigrade at night. The best time to visit is probably between January and March and June to October.

Apart from the obvious big game viewing, the other attractions at Bisanadi National Reserve are Adamson’s Falls, the wildlife habitat. There is also a fishing and boating opportunity on both the River Tana and the Rojewero River.

The biggest attraction of all is the fact that Bisanadi is so infrequently visited, which is a terrific reason in itself for organising a Kenya Safari here.

Kenya Safari Bisanadi National Reserve